Enrollment Requirements

AOLC accepts children 6 weeks to 12 years old without regards to sex, age, religion, national origin, race, physical/mental handicap or disability. Eligible children must be living at home with parent(s) or legal guardian. An interview is scheduled with the parent/guardian and their child to discuss and view our program. Parents must provide the center with a copy of their identification card.

The children enrolled must have a COMPLETE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION not more than six months old prior to admission and every year thereafter. Your child will not be able to start AOLC program without a complete physical exam (this includes no pending blood work results). All children must be immunized against those diseases as identified by the Illinois Department of Health. In addition, the following is mandatory, a tuberculin skin test or TB questionnaire, diabetic screening, lead screening, hemoglobin/hematocrit, and varicella. Physician will need to state that your child is not at risk for TB if test is not administered. If child has asthma, an Asthma Action Plan and consent for medication is needed prior to child’s first day in school.

A copy of the child’s immunization record and birth certificate must also be brought in. An annual Dental exam is required each year. Parental Consents for the following are required:

  1. AOLC Enrollment Application
  2. Authorization Forms for Emergency Pick-up/Release
  3. Consent Form
  4. Developmental Screening – Ages and Stages Questionnaire 3 (birth to three years) and Early Screening Inventory Revised-3 (ESI-r3)
  5. Behavioral Screening – Ages and Stages Questionnaire- Social Emotional (ASQ-SE) for children birth to 6 years.

A copy of the Parent Handbook and Agreement/Contract forms will be given to the parent once they have completed the enrollment process.

Registration Fee

A $45.00 non-refundable registration fee per child is required to reserve a childcare slot for your child and must be paid prior to enrollment. Please contact us for weekly rates.

Child Care Subsidy

If you are participating in a subsidized program (e.g., DCFS or IDHS), please submit an application to the office for completion; along with income verification. IDHS will access you a monthly co-payment that is based on your income and family size. Monthly Parent Co-payment is due the 5th of each month to AOLC. However you will be asked to pay a small parent fee. Any monies paid in advance by you will be deducted from your Monthly Parent Co-Payment fee. If you are due a refund (this is depending on amount paid by you), it will be returned to you after we have received the Approval Letter. If you did not pay enough, you will be asked to pay the additional amount owed. Please understand that it is your responsibility to complete ReDetermination forms in advance to keep your account current. If you do not, and we receive a letter stating that your child’s last day was (e.g., 12/24/15). There are two things that will happen, your child will be dropped from AOLC or you can meet with the Director/CEO to make payment arrangements for continual childcare services with us.