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All three of our kindergarten programs are taught in a safe, familiar environment children know and love. This makes learning more fun and effective.

All our kindergarten programs feature:

  • Small class size
  • Individualized attention
  • Early Foundations® curriculum
  • A blend of learning and fun designed to make children into lifelong learners

The programs are:

Transitional Kindergarten

A small class size environment
for children who are done with prekindergarten but not ready for kindergarten. Transitional kindergarten’s project-related learning model  means children take lead roles on projects and complete them in small and whole groups.


An academically rich, all-day program with before- and after-school care, standardized tests, and parent-teacher conferences. It prepares children for first grade and beyond.

K12® Interactive Kindergarten

A full-day, highly collaborative kindergarten program that features an interactive smart board, a range of teaching methods designed to cater to different learning styles, a development plan incorporating ongoing assessments for parents, and more.

Not all centers offer our kindergarten programs. Ask your center director for more information.

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