Mission Statement

Alpha and Omega Learning Center seeks to provide a culturally sensitive program that reflects the diversity of the communities and families we serve.  We will work with parents to enhance their skills and empower them as effective advocates for their children; to have a significant impact on families’ economic growth and quality for life; to educate and foster change for youth to be successful; and to empower children to reach their fullest intellectual, physical, social, and emotional potential.

Our primary objective is to provide a quality comprehensive child development program.   To this end, we will strive to:

  1. Provide a safe, clean and nurturing learning environment
  2. Ensure that each child receives age appropriate health screening and health care services
  3. Empower parents to provide the best possible nutrition to their family by providing relevant information on nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  4. Provide an education program that stimulate brain development
  5. Deliver and act as a liaison for family-centered services
  6. Support the transition of children from preschool to a public/private/charter school setting
  7. Serve as advocates for children and families
  8. Provide a learning environment for children of or working parents; parents in school (High School or GED program) or Workforce training programs.

The family and community are vital to the accomplishment of these goals.  The family is the first and the most important factor in their child’s developmental process.  Developing a strong sense of family helps develop a sense of community. Every effort will be made to identify and use community resources.  In situations where community resources are not available, effort will be made to establish them.

Program Philosophy

Alpha and Omega Learning Center is committed in meeting the needs of each child and to support and strengthen the family.  We strongly believe that children reach their potential in an emotionally secure environment where they can learn, grow, and develop at their own pace.  Our learning environment encourages curiosity, provocation, interpersonal relationships and problem-solving skills.  We are committed to providing high quality care in our classrooms.  This includes having a safe and educationally stimulating environment that includes healthy and nutritional activities.  Quality care also means hiring, retaining, and providing ongoing training and support to staff.  We aim to provide the best Teachers/Caregivers for our families and strive to have optimum staff to child ratios to facilitate meeting children individually. 

Our program provides a nurturing, clean and safe environment where each child gains a positive sense of self.  Children learn best when information and activities are meaningful part of their daily life in the classroom.  We believe parents are the most important adults in a child’s life and we actively seek their involvement.  Our program focuses on the development of the whole child so daily activities enhance physical, cognitive, language, social emotional, personal and creative growth.  The racial, ethnic and cultural differences of our families enhance the learning environment and provide use with opportunities to learn about many cultural heritages and traditions.

Program Goals

The goal of Alpha and Omega Learning Center is to provide services that focus on intellectual, social- emotional, and physical development while taking into consideration individual personalities, health, safety, nutrition, and multicultural awareness.

Alpha and Omega Learning Center strives to make all families feel welcome.  We respect the culture in the community we serve.  We communicate with families in their preferred or primary language.  An interpreter is used to translate in the families’ primary language (other than English).  Bi-lingual staff is employed in each classroom to strengthen parent communication, participation and family involvement in all activities.  AOLC staff will identify the language of the family using the qualified recruitment form during Pre enrollment.  The Director/CEO will enroll the families in their preferred language.  The family and community play a major role in the accomplishment of AOLC meeting these goals.